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Jun 3, 2021

“Slow Down to Speed up ” – Margalit Grunberger, founder of Gotcha Covered, an international wholesale linens company which she founded with a close friend and ran successfully for 20 years.  Ultimately, she chose to sell to a strategic buyer in 2016 and move on to the next phase of her life.   

Margalit has since transitioned to a business coach for entrepreneurs where she focuses on the mental fitness and the inner game of business and life.  Her motto is “Coaching leaders on what matters most”.  Often her coaching conversations focus on mindset, communication and emotional intelligence which were critical elements of her own exit. 

Hear how she leverages neuroscience and the understanding of how our brains work to help overcome fear and anxiety which are common during high stress situations like a business exit.  

She shares her story about how stressful the due diligence phase was and the importance of having emotional and mental tools readily available to help in the process.  Specifically, she suggests 1) deep breathing which can alter our physical, mental and emotional state, 2) cultivating self-awareness to question your thoughts, 3) have a coach or mentor to talk to regularly, 4) create a moral support team to lean on and 5) take the time to learn how the brain works and how it will help owners better execute their exit plan.    

Lastly, she shares her 2 action items for owners:

  1. Prepare early: One of the benefits to preparing early is that it gives owners more time to plan methodically. She recommends using an exercise called Stop and Start where owners identify 1 thing they can stop doing and 1 thing they can start doing to move their business in the direction of what they want to create.
  2. Take care of your emotional and mental state: By creating the space for self care, owners will have a greater likelihood for a successful and enjoyable business transition.