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May 5, 2021

“When you have your back against the wall, it’s amazing what strength you can come up with” - Brian Shafton, Founder and CEO of RBC records.  Hear how Brian created RBC from scratch with just a computer and cell phone in his living room, grew the business and how he approached BMG which led to a strategic acquisition.

As the acquisition unfolded, Brian discusses some of the synergies between RBC Records and BMG.  Specifically, he discusses how BMG’s International presence allowed him to expand his business from only U.S. based clientele to working with artists around the world. 

Pay close attention to why an independent company was a non-negotiable must for Brian when negotiating his deal. 

He shares his insights on the realities of the due diligence process - how arduous, stressful and time consuming it was.  And, how by going through this process, it gave him a better appreciation for his business and how he learned from himself by retracing his steps.  Ultimately, in retrospect, he now looks back at it with enjoyment.

Lastly, he shares his 2 action items for owners:

  1. Ask specific scenarios during the courting phase with your potential suitors. Get an understanding how the new buyer will treat your clients and your employees. Additionally, take the time to come away with a clear vision of how the buyer will integrate your systems into their systems.
  2. How to ensure your legacy is preserved when your company is acquired by a strategic buyer.